How awesome would it be to fly in a plane wrapped with your favorite team's logo? Florida native and lifelong New York Jets fan David Baghdassarian knows how it feels. David was planning a trip to visit family in New York and figured he'd ask JetBlue, the Jets official airline, to do him a solid. 

On August 23, a week before his flight, David took to Twitter and hit up a couple JetBlue execs to ask if he can fly in the company's Jets plane during his trip:


 The request went through the proper channels and JetBlue hit him back the next day:



David showed up to the airport on Thursday in his Jets shirt with high hopes, and there it was, JetGreen. He said, "I think it's so great that CEOs and executives are making themselves accessible to the public and responding to things like this. It really helps people connect with a company." The company said that after seeing his tweet, it wasn't hard for them to make it happen. JetBlue is the most followed airline on Twitter with 1.6 million followers and is sure to gain more with acts of kindness like this.

The question we have is, did he pray to Tim Tebow before making the request?

[via ESPN]