Starting Price: $27,495

Remember the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice? They were General Motors attempt to make a cheap sports car. Unfortunately, they pretty much flopped, and part of the reason was that they looked like they'd been scooped up from a life-size Hot Wheels track. They were too plasticky feeling. This is where the new BRZ excels. It's got a presence that shows it deserves to be on the road, like the pavement is thankful this car is about to leave little bits of burned rubber crumbled on the worn black surface. The driving experience backs up those aggressive impressions, as well. Its low-fitted Boxer engine gives it an extremely low center of gravity, gripping it tight on corners. Couple that with the 6-speed trans, 17-inch rims, and leather and Alcantara interior on the Limited, and you get a 2,762-lb rear-wheel car that seems much pricier than $27K.