When comparing the game in the '90s to now, it's undeniable that basketball has dramatically changed. Whether those differences make the game better or worse, we'll leave that up to you. The 2012 squad is capable of shooting lights out, as we saw in their record-setting performance against Nigeria, but their bread and butter is in their athleticism. Plain and simple, there just aren't players built quite like LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

Which player on the Dream Team is capable of going toe-to-toe with LeBron? Scottie Pippen? Clyde Drexler? Both guys match up well from a height standpoint, but give up at least 30 pounds, which is pivotal given James' new-found focus on creating off the post. Who would defend Durant? Listed at 6'9", KD is a power forward with guard-like speed. Basically, he's capable of causing a whole lot of match-up problems for anyone that wants to take him one-on-one. And we didn't even talk about the freakishly athletic 19-year-old that is Anthony Davis. With a 7'5'' wingspan, Davis can block shots like the most bonafide center in the league while running the floor like a thoroughbred. His mixture of speed, quickness and agility is the new face of basketball and like nothing the 1992 Olympic team saw during their run.   

Nowadays, the game of basketball is predicated on speed and the importance of the first step. This year's team is built around being fleet of foot. Their young legs can control a rapid-fire pace that the 1992 squad just isn't equipped for. If the 2012 team were to control the pace in their favor by forcing the '92 crew to play outside of their comfort zone, they could be victorious in the long run. 

Advantage: 2012 Team USA

2012 Team USA: 1 | The Dream Team: 0