Head Coach: Lenny Wilkins
Roster: Hakeem Olajuwon (C), Shaquille O'Neal (C), Penny Hardaway (G), Grant Hill (F), Charles Barkley (F), Karl Malone (F), Reggie Miller (G), Gary Payton (G), Mitch Richmond (G), David Robinson (C), John Stockton (G), Scottie Pippen (F)
Record: 8-0
Margin of Victory: 31.6
Medal: Gold
The Dream Team II continued what the first Dream Team started, but without the fanfare. The hype wasn't there because the 1996 Games were played on American soil. The '96 team had a mix of veterans and rising stars—nine of which already are or will be in the Hall of Fame. Five Dream Teamers returned for another go at the gold while Shaq, Penny, and Grant Hill looked to carry on tradition. Team USA dominated once again, beating opponents by 31 a game. Their toughest test came in the gold medal game versus Yugoslavia and they beat them by 16. Nine players averaged nine points or better and Reggie Miller hit 17 threes. With Penny and Grant Hill, this squad would've been remembered in a better light if those two would've stayed healthy.