Head CoachMike Krzyzewski
RosterLeBron James (F), Dwyane Wade (G), Carmelo Anthony (F), Chris Paul (G), Chris Bosh (F), Dwight Howard (C), Carlos Boozer (F), Kobe Bryant (G), Jason Kidd (G), Tayshaun Prince (F), Michael Redd (G), Deron Williams (G)
Record: 8-0
Margin of Victory27.9
Medal: Gold
Everyone has been comparing the '92 Dream Team to this year's (2012) squad, when they should be comparing the '92 team to "The Redeem Team." With the new US Men's basketball system in place, Team USA assembled a squad that was unbeatable. The team featured the 2008 NBA MVP Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul, just to name a few. They beat teams by an impressive 27.9 points per game, many of which consisted of NBA players. After winning six straight in blowout fashion, the US found themselves in a rematch with Argentina during the semis. There the Americans won by 20, setting up a gold medal game with Spain—the two teams battled each other during group play with the US winning by 37. This game proved to be different and is considered to be a classic.

Both squads battled for the entire 40 minutes with the game hanging in the balance going into the fourth quarter. That's when Kobe Bryant went bananas, scoring 13 of his 20 points in the final period to go along with Wade's 27. Team USA won, 118-107 proving that they don't just win laughers.