Head Coach: Larry Brown
Roster: Allen Iverson (G), Dwyane Wade (G), LeBron James (F), Carmelo Anthony (F), Tim Duncan (C), Carlos Boozer (F), Richard Jefferson (F), Stephon Marbury (G), Shawn Marion (F), Lamar Odom (F), Emeka Okafor (C), Amar'e Stoudemire (F)
Record: 5-3
Margin of Victory: 4.6
Medal: Bronze
The inevitable happened: The world was finally able to beat a USA team comprised of NBA players. By 2004, the international game was vastly different from the style played in the NBA. Bigs were able to shoot, offense was king, and the game was played with more finesse. The 2004 team featured the future of the NBA in Wade, James and Anthony, but it also featured selfish scorers in Iverson and Marbury.

The chemistry was never there and the US lost their first game against Puerto Rico. They were inconsistent throughout the Games, losing to Lithuania by four points after winning two straight, and losing to Argentina by eight after another two-game streak. The US then had to face Lithuania for the bronze medal and played hard to come away with it. After this performance, the US Olympic Committee implemented new rules for participation, which obligated players to commit for three years prior to the Olympics in order to build camaraderie.