Head Coach: Warren Womble
Roster: Ronald Bontemps (G), Marcus Freiberger (C), Wayne Glasgow (G/F), Charles Hoag (G/F), William Hougland (G), John Keller (G/F), Melvin Kelley (G), Robert Kenney (G), Robert Kurland (C), William Lienhard (F), Clyde Lovellette (F), Frank McCabe (F), Dan Pippin (G), Howard Williams (G)
Record: 8-0
Margin of Victory: 19.5
Medal: Gold
1952 marked the beginning of the bitter basketball rivalry between the Soviet Union and America. This was the first year the Soviets sent a group of athletes to an Olympiad since 1912. The US team consisted of seven University of Kansas players and seven players from two AAU teams. This squad was tested a few times. After two blow-out wins, they struggled against Uruguay, but managed to win by 13.

In the next game against the Soviets, the first time the two countries met in Olympic competition, the US won easily in a physical game. Team USA struggled again versus Brazil and Argentina after beating the shit out Chile by 48 points. America and the USSR found themselves playing for gold in the finals. The game was tightly contested with many lead changes and stifling defense from both sides. But Team USA was able to prevail with the help of their leading scorer, Clyde Lovellette, and won 36-25. Yes, that was the actual final score. Nothing like good D, huh? Ayo!