Head Coach: Chuck Daly
Roster: Magic Johnson (G), Larry Bird (F), Michael Jordan (G), Charles Barkley (F), Clyde Drexler (G), David Robinson (C), Patrick Ewing (C), Karl Malone (F), John Stockton (G), Scottie Pippen (G/F), Chris Mullin (F), Christian Laettner (F)
Record: 8-0
Margin of Victory: 43.4
Medal: Gold
This was the year the game changed forever. After a rule was lifted that banned NBA players from participating in Olympic basketball, the US wanted to put together the greatest team ever and that they did. Eleven of the 12 players are Hall of Famers, 10 of whom were named to the NBA's 50 Greatest of All Time list.

They were dubbed "The Dream Team," and they damn sure lived up to the name. Opponents bowed at their feet, asked for autographs and pictures before and after games, and stood by in awe whenever MJ went up for a dunk. The 1992 US Men's Basketball team spawned the rise of international basketball, creating hybrid players like Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol. The Dream Team toyed with their opponents, topping the century mark in every game they played for the first time ever. Every Team USA will be in their shadow from now until the end of time.