This is citizen reporting at its finest. Well, sort of. Damian Morys was in the perfect place at the perfect time doing the perfect thing. When he came across a Ferrari 458 Spider getting a ticket, he wanted to grab the comical video, so he started filming. From there, the owner, The HillsStephanie Pratt's boyfriend, came out to the valet area of the hotel where the car was parked, stepped right into the car and started to inch forward. This did not please the copper. Despite the policeman screaming at the top of his lungs to stop, the dude appears to run over the cop's foot. This was a terrible decision to say the least. The officer opens the door, grabs the driver and takes him down to the ground to cuff and arrest him. Watch the footage below and read the account from Damian after the jump. 

[via Damian Morys Photography via Jalopnik]

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