As people who have grown up in our garages, we're big advocates of people fixing their cars themselves. Unless you have a great connect and personal relationship with somebody at a shop, you're probably going to overpay for things that never even needed fixing in the first place. However, a pretty difficult task to take on for the average guy is repainting a car. To do it right requires an incredibly clean environment, a lot of time constraints, and perfect techniques. This guy that we found on Reddit had previously tried painting with a gun, and he wasn't comfortable with the process and the amount of money needed. So, he decided to try a different method that included Rustoleum and a wall roller. 

We have to admit, when we first saw the headline for his pictures, we thought the product was going to be some ridiculously streaky, terrible paint job that he was using as a comedic post. That wasn't true at all. Quite the contrary, actually. We were pretty impressed by the final product of his 1990 Toyota Corrolla. He shows the process of his five-week, $180 attempt, including sanding, multiple coats, and working with different finishes. Bravo, sir. 

[via Reddit]