We really shouldn't even bother covering this. But, it's so ridiculous that we couldn't not do a post on it.

Apparently, six guys say that they christened LeBron James when he was a baby and agreed to make sure that he turned into "the next Dr. J" in exchange for Bron-Bron's mom Gloria agreeing to give all six of them a million dollars upon his entrance into the NBA. And, about a year ago, they created the video you see above to prove it and to ask for their money (uh, where have you guys been the last 10 years?!). They apparently didn't get a response, though, so they also just put out the video you see below to try and further prove that LeBron and his mom owe them six million bucks.

We know, we know. These guys are nuts. But, even if they're not completely out of their god-damned minds, should LeBron really be forced to pay them? After all, he didn't end up turning into "the next Dr. J." He turned into the next (enter Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan here), right? So, doesn't that nullify the deal?

Nice try, fellas. But, by all means, please keep the grainy YouTube videos coming. This is definitely a great use of your time!

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[via Terez Owens]