When educationalist and active sportsman Pierre de Coubertin dreamed up the modern Olympic Games, he had but one goal in mind: Beautiful girls from all over the world frolicking in tight clothing.

That might not have been his stated vision for the Games—there was this business about physical education and reviving ancient Greece practices—but we have a feeling the Frenchman would be very pleased with what's become of his global gathering of superhumans.

Today, the Olympics is a showcase not just of strength and speed, but also international beauty. Women from all over the world, far-flung places where they don't speak English or wear underwear, push their bodies to the limits of awesomeness in pursuit of gold, silver or bronze trinkets. Which are then followed by modeling contracts, TV jobs, and offers to pose nude in men's magazines. To say nothing of the privilege of meeting Bob Costas.

The Olympics are all about stories of courage and perseverance so it's perfectly natural to find yourself falling in love with these strong, driven women. And if not love, then lust, for these are The 50 Hottest Olympics of All Time.

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