A few times the WWE script would have the wrestlers poking fun at Chris Jericho's hard rock band, Fozzy. These aren't just jokes, because Fozzy really isn't a good band. "With the Fire" is a forgettable song, but what isn't forgettable is the video.

The first half has Jericho performing in front of a crowd and being caressed by women, with a midget and a driver with a pig mask escorting Jericho to the shindig for good measure. Fair enough. Then things get crazy in the second half when Jericho falls in love with an elderly woman out of nowhere. A dance routine that varies from a hoedown to the robot follows afterwards and lasts until the band suddenly ends up in the middle of the street just jamming out (mind you, one of them is wearing medieval armor). Was it the music video that was bad, or were we on a real bad trip?