Date: July and August 2012
The Los Angeles Lakers have a front office full of goons. They snatched Steve Nash like thieves in the night from the Knicks and followed that move up by trading for Dwight Howard a month later without giving up Pau Gasol. They now have arguably the best starting five in the game. Throughout their history, the Lakers have proven to have one of the best front offices in sports.

Howard and Nash can now join the likes of Magic, West, Chamberlain, O'Neal and Abdul-Jabbar in Laker lore, but only if they win rings. The stakes are high for this squad, especially for Kobe. He needs one more ring to tie MJ and solidify his legacy. And just think, before L.A. swapped Gasol brothers with the Grizzlies, Bryant wanted out. #itwasallbadjustfiveyearsago