Ah yes, who could forget about Bart Scott's memorable post game interview after the Jets let open a can of whoop-ass on the Patriots. After hearing about how they barely made it into the playoffs, and how they had no chance against the Patriots' defense for two weeks, the Jets rolled into New England and made life a bit difficult for Tom Brady. The Jets put hands on the former MVP in sacking Brady five times for a loss of 40 yards, and picking off one of his passes in their journey to a 28-21 victory.

After this win that surprised everyone else but the Jets, Bart Scott took a moment to shit on a few people on national TV, namely former Jet Keyshawn Johnson, and Tom Jackson (pretty badass), after hearing about how he and the Jets weren't going to beat the Pats. After all the trash talking most of the nation and media outlets did for two weeks, it was time for Scott to do some of his own, and rightfully so. In this off-the-cuff interview Scott told 'em all why he's mad, and why you shouldn't disrespect the third-best defense in the league. Getting the last laugh on the road against one of the best teams in the league, proving everyone wrong, and shitting on them on national TV right after you win is badass indeed.