What are some of your favorite fight scenes in action flicks you've seen?

One is from the movie The Raid. Which was an amazing action film. There are some fight scenes in there that were shot in one take that lasted for three and four minutes, which is a long time for a one shot fight scene with no breaks and no cuts. I think some of the stuff they’ve done in the Bourne Identity films have been pretty interesting with the way they shoot that, making you feel like you’re in the middle of the fight. Sometimes it's harder to tell what techniques were used in those scenarios, but it's an interesting way to show the fight scenes, it’s kind of the newer trend in shooting fight scenes.

In the Expendables, we’ve taken that big step back, so you have to do things the old-school way. Doing things without CGI, no wires, no nothing. That’s one of the things that people really appreciate about The Expendables. I had a blast shooting the huge fight scene at the end of Expendables 1 with Steve Austin. I think the Bourne scene where he beats the guy up in Morocco with a book, taking everything that he can to be successful in that altercation. That was a good one. There’s a scene in this movie where Jet Li runs out of bullets and he is in a kitchen setting, and he starts dispatching guys with frying pans. That was pretty cool.

Working with the cast, there had to be a ton of funny moments throughout the course of shooting. Who would you say is the funniest out of the group?

I think the guy who has a surprisingly funny sense of humor, and I think it comes out in the film is Sly. A lot of the corky jabs at each other with the marquee guys like Bruce, Arnold, and Chuck Norris all came from Sly, and that carried down to us as well. But obviously the guy that comes from the comedy background is Terry Crews. Terry has this amazing attitude and unique perspective on everything. I think he is a really, really funny guy.   

Switching gears a little bit, with you being a MMA legend, you’re obviously full of knowledge about the sport. What are some of your thoughts on SonnenSilva 2?

Um, I was a little surprised by the choice of technique by Chael [Sonnen], which ultimately led to him stumbling and being on the ground with Anderson [Silva], and Anderson capitalizing on that. Nobody but [Sonnen] can explain where that spinning backfist came from, not a technique I’ve ever seen him train or practice. You never know what’s gonna happen in the heat of a mixed martial arts fight, anything could happen. 

How do you even get ready to go up against a guy like Silva? The man’s a beast.

Wrestle. You gotta make him wrestle you. I think that’s really the key. You gotta make him wrestle you.

You've had so many classic fights over the years. Are you really done with MMA for good?

Yea, I’m really retired. It was time. I’m pretty comfortable with the decision. 

In our latest issue, we have an expendables chart...

[Interrupts] You have an Expendables chart?

Yeah, it's a tournament style breakdown of fights with the cast if you guys were to ever face off against each other and other action stars. 


Who do you think would make it to the finals?

It would all come down to the draw and how the brackets are set up, but I think it would come down to me and Dolph in the finals. Again, judged purely on combative sports background and having competed in those full contact events. We’re the only two guys who have that kind of experience.

Who wins the fight?

I’m not sure that Dolph has a real strong ground game, so I think that’s a potential weakness there that I could exploit. I’m pretty sure that I can take him down, and get him on the ground. It’s the area where I’m strongest. 

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