Whether you grew up playing basketball on a Huffy hoop in your backyard or with your friends at the local Y, every basketball fan has heard about Rucker Park. The legendary court located at 155th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem is home to some of the biggest moments in basketball history such as Joe "The Destroyer" Hammond dropping 50 points in a first half on Dr. J and Kevin Durant erupting for 66 points in a game last summer. For many players, street cred isn't established until you play at the Rucker and kill. Why? The atmosphere.

Die-hard basketball fans from all over flock to this sacred ground during the summer to see who is the next legend in the making, or which NBA player is coming to town to shut the park down. Playing at the Rucker is nothing like playing in the NBA; if you're play is trash, the fans and commentators will let you know instantly. With so much notoriety to the park, pro-ballers and celebrities alike come to the games because it's the place to be for any basketball fan during the summer, just ask Bill Clinton. As summer winds down and the streetball season comes to a close, check out this gallery of the many celebs and pro ballers to grace Rucker Park.

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