Date: July 2012

Location: Oxford, Connecticut

No position in life is more glorious then that of an all-star baseball coach for eleven-year-old kids. A Wilton, Connecticut man defended his position of high honor by belittling his kids and, as caught on video, berating an umpire to the point that he forced the manager's team to forfeit. What a bawse.

The little league coach repeatedly asks the umpire, "Are you insane?!" which is a totally legit inquiry coming from a grown man in the middle of a Bobby Knight-like meltdown in front of fifth-graders. The Oxford parent who recorded the confrontation was reportedly disgusted not only with the coach's on-field shenanigans (which lasted more than a minute before the recording began) but also for profanity-laced rants directed at his still-in-elementary-school players.