Dear badminton fans (all six of you out there!): We're sorry our badminton coverage has to start—and end—like this. But, after reading this story, we're pretty sure we're never going to cover badminton again. So, enjoy this while it lasts.

Eight badminton players from China, South Korea, and Indonesia were just ejected from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Why? Well, unfortunately, it wasn't for fixing matches for betting purposes (for the record, that would have made us more interested in the sport!). It also wasn't for engaging in an all-out brawl after a badminton match (again, that would have captivated us just enough to want to cover badminton more in the future). No, no. They were thrown out of the Olympic Games because they threw matches in order to position themselves better for the knockout round of the badminton tournament.

Yep, that is why badminton is getting so much attention right now. It's also why this will be our first and last badminton post. If the sport's Olympic competition is set up so poorly that it actually benefits teams to lose and then those teams that try and take advantage of it get penalized, we're pretty sure that's not a sport for us.

Okay, now back to real sports. See ya later, badminton fans.

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