Does the name Jim Joyce ring a bell? It should. Two years ago, the MLB umpire made an incredibly controversial call at the end of a Tigers/Indians game that prevented Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga from completing a perfect game. But, we'd say that his latest act more than made up for it.

On Monday night, Joyce arrived at Chase Field in Arizona to umpire a Marlins/Diamondbacks game. But, 90 minutes before the game was set to start, he came across a D'Backs employee named Jayne Powers having a seizure inside a tunnel near the umpires' dressing room. So, Joyce, who learned CPR all the way back in high school, sprung into action and administered CPR to her once her body relaxed. It took a few rounds of CPR—and several shocks from a defibrillator once paramedics arrived—but Powers was able to pull through and she was placed in stable condition at a nearby hospital later as a result of Joyce's quick thinking.

"It was very emotional," he said, "I'll be honest with you."

But, it didn't prevent him from doing his job. Shortly after the event transpired, Joyce was behind the plate calling the game. So, now, his name will ring bells for a much different reason than it used to. And, rightfully so.

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[via CBS Sports]