There's absolutely no way Usain Bolt is going to agree to sign the endorsement deal that a UK company called Shutl Ltd. just pitched to him. But, it was a nice effort, so we'll show them some love.

After Bolt captured three gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics and shattered all sorts of records while doing it, Shutl sent him a letter (click the thumbs to read it) asking if he'd be interested in endorsing their delivery service company in the future. So, what did they offer? Well, they're only a startup company, so they can't offer him millions and millions of dollars. But, they can offer him a one-percent stake in the company (meh) and—get this—a lifetime supply of Chicken McNuggets.

Hmmm…You did enjoy the Mickey D's you ate with those Swedish handball players at the Olympics, right, Usain? So, maybe you should…Ah, who are we kidding? You catch almost $10 million a year from PUMA for endorsing them. So, we're sure that you can already afford plenty of McNuggets as is. No deal!

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[via Black Sports Online]