This ridiculous example of opulence at its absolute best is a Phantom III rebodied and customized to the max by French coachbuilder Labourdette of Paris. It was commissioned by the eccentric Louis Ritter, who Labourdette spared no expense during the build. The massive body alone cost $44,000 (in today's money that's more than $450,000). The car with its original Hooper Sedanca de Ville was already world-renowned, making appearances at motor shows across Europe. It was then shipped over the pond for the 1939 New York World's Fair. Then in 1947, Mr. Ritter bought it and boldly let Labourdette have their way with it to create a machine unlike anything else.

Labourdette definitely took advantage of the unlimited funds, as the car even had vacuum-powered windows and was lined with unbelievable brass trimmings. We were lucky enough to see this flamboyant behemoth in person at the Greenwhich Concours d'Elegance earlier this summer and you definitely knew you were in the presence of greatness as soon as you walked up to it. The Phantom III is truly an amazing example of a bygone era.