How did you get involved with the A$AP group?

I got involved with them, because I’m Harlem, and I just I knew everybody. Everybody was all from around the block. We all grew up around the area and things just migrated and made it to the place it made it to. We runnin' the streets, and we got a group that’s finna take over the game.

You also rap, correct?

Yeah, I rap.

What kind of direction do you usually take with your rap?

I go very street with it, I’m versatile. I just make sure I try to get a message across on every track I ever get on or every record I do.

What kind of messages?

Good question. Basically, whatever message you get from it. It depends on what track it is. Whatever feelin’ it gives somebody and whatever mode they get to and however they take the energy. It’s positive music to make you think and wonder a little bit. I'm tryin' to be different, not just the same sound you’re used to hearin’. I’m just trying to be very versatile.

How does it work within the whole crew as far as music goes?

We help each other out and everybody just is doin’ their own individual things, but we’re all headed to the same goals. We work on different projects, but somehow still come to the same place. It's still the mob, the mob is still considered a group. There's no one man in this army.

Is the Bike Life more of your focus as opposed to your music? Is the music a side project?

I’m not more or less focused on it, but I’m tryin’ to stir somethin’ up with this Bike Life. My man [A$AP Rocky] is already tearin’ the rap game up, so I’m not interested in trying to push that. Like I said, we’re doin’ pretty good with this rap thing. If i could be the power that could be the outlet to something different, then I’ll run with that. That’s the creative part about me. I’ll balance both things out.

Whats that been like being involved with this crew as they’ve started to rise to the top recently?

It’s been crazy, it feels like it was overnight. Now we there, the next minute we there. It’s happening so fast. It's like you feel like you still gotta wake up from a dream. I ain’t even wash my face, and here I am doin’ an interview now. I’m still thinkin’ about yesterday. That's how quick everything is movin’. We're doin' so good. It feels like we’re movin too fast. I'm just lovin’ the success and am proud of what we have accomplished. I'm happy with the progress we’ve made since we were looked at and I'm happy to be aboard the ship.

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