Speaking of dangerous, what’s the worst accident that you’ve either seen or been involved in?

The worst accident was when I got hit by a car. I broke my ankle. I blacked out and that was the crazy thing about it. I never envisioned that situation. I got hit by a car and my reaction was to jump up and walk, but I went to walk, my leg just gave out started wobblin'. That's when i knew my leg was broken. But, I just healed up and got back on bikes. Besides a friend or somebody losin’ their life that was personally my worst situation I've experienced.

When was was that?

About two years ago.

It was your leg or ankle?

I broke my ankle.

That's not too bad for getting hit by a car.

Yeah, but it was very painful.

How long did it take to come back from that?

It took about three months. I had to have surgery.

When you got back on the bikes, did you have a different mind set?

Yeah, just to be way more careful. Before that, I was full fledged, and I didn’t give a fuck, but once I knew that there is repercussions and you can really hurt yourself, you gotta just take your time and be more relaxed and take it easy. It can make you crazy at the same time, because I’m pretty sure people got shot nine times and actin’ like they can’t ever be shot again. So, I know its not the same territory, but it just makes you be more careful.

On the last video I was watchin’ you guys dedicated it to Ray Ray? Can you tell me about who that was?

Ray Ray was a guy who was down with Harlem Legends, and Harlem Legends is a group we have in Harlem of people who paved the way for guys who was on bikes and things of the matter but he was one of the legends that hold a lot of weight in New York City, as far as Bike Life and bike history so every year we do a ceremony we light a little candle out front of his building every day of his birthday and that day was actually his ride where we ride the whole five boroughs it was about 600 to 700 bikes and we do that every year and we gon’ continue to do that every year but he was a good dude he was like the Michael Jordan of bikes he said he could wheelie a boat if he could, thats just how he was. He could wheelie anything I don’t care what it was, if it had wheels, it rode, he would try to wheelie it. He was a good dude but he passed his way you know what im sayin but thats pretty much it if you have any further questions about him...?

What happened to him?

He had a motorcycle accident on one of the highways and he didn’t make it. 

I’m sorry, how long ago was that?

I’d say no more than about two years ago.

You guys have a big showing for that already.

Oh yeah, this is gonna happen every year. It’s gonna continue and get bigger and bigger. Next year I bet it’s  gonna be 1,000.

You were personal friends with him?

Yes, I was friends with him.

What does that mean for you to see such a big out pour of support?

To see that a person can make a change like that is great. There are a lot of viewers out there, and you’re not alone. There are a lot more people interested in this Bike Life just as much as we are. It's not just about you and your bike and doin’ whatever you doin'. You’re motivating a whole bunch of other people, and they show support. Out of the whole pack, half of them probably didn’t even know him. They were just there to show support for what he had done after seeing his videos. It shows what type of impact he had on bikes. He was a real cool dude.

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