What kind of looks do people give you when you’re on the highway?

Oh man, the looks? It’s crazy because some are like “yo this guy's crazy, he's a lunatic.” It’s just all different energies. Some people are fascinated by it, some people don’t like it, some people want us to get the hell off the road, some people sit by and watch it. Everyone has different energy for it. I think the viewers really like it, though. I feel that a lot of people are very interested in it. If we could do it on a more professional level, it’d be much better. It’s something I don’t think is gonna change. Whether it’s me or somebody else, people are gonna continue to do it and break the law.

Have you run into cops yet?

Of course, we run into the cops all the time

What happens?

They say by New York City law that they’re not supposed to chase you, but they chase us anyway. If they catch us, they catch us. If they don’t, we get away. I don’t stop for no cops.

You’ve never been caught?

I don’t know about all that.

It sounds like you have.

Nah, but if we get caught, we gonna come back out and get on the bike again. What can you do? You’re  just gonna give me a couple summons and sit me in there for a couple hours and tell me I’m free to go? Or give me some tickets I got to pay? I’m gonna come back out. It’s not a felony regardless of whatever the charge is. There are worse things than that. That’s not the topic we’re not trying to go with, because it's not about that.

How about they build a coliseum for us to ride in? If it's a problem, then let's get one of those or find a place where people in New York City can travel to. We’re building everything for everything else, why can’t we build a little spot for people to ride at? You could get registered bikes, too, but I just choose to ride the ones that aren’t registered.

Why don't you register them?

I could definitely get ‘em registered, that’s not a problem.

Then why don't you.

Mine are fours, they’re not street legal bikes that I ride. Some of them you could pull over and give information and it's not a problem, but nine times out of 10, they’re gonna give you anything. If I’m riding with a pack and they’re riding off doing whatever they’re doing, I’m gonna get all the tickets. I like to go about my business.

In your videos you're always riding four wheelers. What do you like about fours more than bikes?

I been started messin' with the Banshee or the four wheeler, because it was just more interesting. It’s more of a challenge. I've only been riding Banshees for about a year. I just started, so it was more for the challenge. It's just another stage for me. It was somethin’ that I didn’t do yet, so when I got to it, it was more interesting and more challenging. After that, I'm gonna get bored and I’m gonna get more extreme than this.

What’s the challenge riding a four wheeler compared to a bike?  

The most challenging part is getting away from police, because it’s four wheels and you can’t squeeze through everything. It’s harder to maneuver through traffic congestion. It’s hard to get away, so it’s an advantage for them. So when it’s 100 two wheelers and four four wheelers, in their mind, they think they gon’ catch the four wheelers, when in all reality, four wheelers are faster. If you got someone that's nice, which is me, it's not gonna be easy. 

You gotta know how to maneuver it. As far as doing wheelies and trying to do stunts with it, it just has a lot more power. The power and the torque in the bike is just a lot different. Anybody who rides a bike can tell you that. It's just a little more dangerous. You could say it's easy because of the four wheels, but it's different.

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