Yesterday, we showed you the shirtless photos of Kobe Bryant that leaked out over the weekend. In the photos, KB24 was captured sitting with two females at a party in Barcelona last week without a shirt on. And, while TMZ found out that Kobe was only shirtless for a few minutes at the party after a drink was spilled on him, his wife Vanessa is reportedly still not happy with the fact that the photos came out. Sources close to her just told TMZ that she is both "furious" and "embarrassed" that Kobe put himself in that situation in the first place and that he willingly let a photographer snap his photo.

No worries, though. They're not breaking up (again!) over it. Vanessa just flew to London to support her man in the 2012 Summer Olympics. But, the saga between these two continues. Stay tuned for the next chapter, which we're sure is coming soon…

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[via TMZ]