The cauldron has been lit, the opening ceremony has taken place, and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games are underway. Old rivalries like USA-Brazil in women's soccer and USA-Spain in men's basketball will pick up where they left off, but new rivalries will be born in London as well. Some teams will be trying to solidify their place in history as the best ever like USA's women's basketball squad, while others will be on the hunt to close out their chapter with a gold medal like Manu Ginobili and his Argentinean teammates. With so many events going on per day, you're not gonna know which ones to watch. Don't worry we got you. We'll be putting up the 5 best Olympic events to watch every day of the Olympics with team and athlete breakdowns so you know you're watching the right event.

Today, Day 1, action kicks off with women's basketball, women's soccer, and more.