2011-2012 Stats17.5 PPG 7.8 RPG 1.1 APG 1.0 BPG
2012-2013 Salary$19.9 million
Seasons Played10
Stat had a tough season last year. His brother passed, he hurt his back again and he lost a fight with a fire extinguisher after losing a playoff game to the Heat. After the Knicks and everybody else, for that matter, whiffed on landing LeBron James, they needed to make a splash. So, they gave Stat—a player with known knee and eye problems— an uninsured 5-year/$100 million deal with Mike D'Antoni's blessing.

The move seemed like a good one during the first year, but after getting Carmelo Anthony, Stoudemire wasn't the same player. Before the Melo trade, Amar'e was playing at an MVP level and was carrying the Knicks on his back. After the trade, his numbers went down and he can't seem to keep himself healthy. His contract is immovable for the time being, so the Knicks have to make wine out of water.