2011-2012 Stats: 5.6 PPG 3.7 RPG 0.6 APG 1.1 BLK
2012-2013 Salary: $8 million
Seasons Played: 6
Everyone hates on LeBron James for his "Decision" during the 2010 offseason but NBA fans have a number of players they should be pissed at for robbing franchises. Tyrus Thomas is one of 'em. Dude signed a five year/$40 million contract with the Bobcats that summer and although he had a mediocre 10.2 PPG and 5.5 RPG season in 2010-11, he completely fell off in 2011-12 as his production was nearly cut in half. Then again, he did play for the team that set the record for the lowest winning percentage in a single season. C'mon, MJ.