2011-2012 Stats15.0 PPG 8.5 RPG 1.9 APG 1.0 SPG 0.4 BPG
2012-2013 Salary$15 million
Seasons Played10
During the summer of 2010, Carlos Boozer was on a list that included LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, and Amar'e Stoudemire as the most sought after free agents. He certainly isn't a bum, but he's shown these past two seasons that he's not a max player. Carlos hasn't been the consistent scorer the Bulls thought they payed for. His attitude isn't all that great either. After a first round exit in the 2012 playoffs, Boozer said, “I thought I played well, especially with the kind of season it was. We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that’s all that matters, yo.” Well said, sir, well said.