Position(s)RF, LF
Stats: .312 BA 2574 H 555 HR 1831 RBI
Team(s)Indians, Red Sox, Dodgers, White Sox, Rays
Accomplishments12x All-Star, 9x Silver Slugger, 2x Champion
As far as we were concerned, Manny was one of the last real ones left. During his heyday he was to hitting as Kevin Durant is to scoring. Manny hit for average, power and was clutch; he could not be stopped. He helped the Indians reach the World Series twice and brought the Red Sox two titles after an 86-year drought. Many felt that he was the greatest hitter of his era. But that was until 2009 when Ramirez tested positive for unusually high testosterone level and was suspended for 50 games as a member of the Dodgers. He quickly blamed it on a woman's fertility drug that his doctor supposedly prescribed to him—a drug that's commonly taken by steroid users when they're coming off of a cycle. Later on that year it came out that his name was among the 104 players that tested positive in a 2003 drug test. In 2011, he tested positive again for a banned substance and instead of serving a 100-game suspension he decided to retire. But hey, that's just Manny being Manny.