Position(s): P
Stats: 354 W 3.12 ERA 4672 SO
Career: 1984-2007
Team(s): Red Sox, Blue Jays,Yankees, Astros
Accomplishments: 11x All-Star, 7x Cy Young, 2x Champion, 1x MVP
Roger just recently got off, but we still think he did 'roids. No one in history has pitched that good at that age. He was going around raping organizations for 1-year deals. After the 2003 season, Clemens retired at 40 from the game after going 17-9 with a 3.91 ERA, a World Series appearance and his legacy in tact. He then made his return a year later after his best bud, Andy Pettitte signed to the Astros. Clemens signed a modest 1-year/$5 million deal with Houston and had a historical year. At 42, he became the oldest player to ever win a Cy Young, which was his seventh, another record. Clemens then signed another 1-year deal at $18 million making him the highest paid pitcher in MLB history for the 2005 season. He didn't disappoint even with Canseco mentioning him in his book as an "expert on steroids" earlier in the year. At this point people weren't taking Jose seriously. So, life went on and Roger Clemens posted a 1.87 ERA, a personal best, and the lowest ERA since 1995 (Greg Maddux) helping the Astros make their first World Series trip. Based on that performance the Astros gave Roger a 1-year/$22 million contract to play the 2006 season. He wasn't as effective and retired once again only to return to the Evil Empire after signing a 1-year/$18 million contract with the Yankees.

Everything was fine and dandy until his name popped up in the Mitchell Report 82 times. Clemens' longtime trainer, Brian McNamee, admitted to injecting Roger numerous times, but had no concrete evidence. Only the May 2012 testimony of his best friend, Andy Pettitte, saying that Roger took HGH. Roger Clemens has always been one of baseball's top pitchers, but was his success during the twilight of his career due to PEDs or was it due to his mythical training regiment? The Rocket seems like the type of guy that'll take something like that to his grave.