Position(s): P
Stats: 243 W 3.87 ERA 2303 SO
Career: 1995-2010, Present
Team(s): Yankees, Astros
Accomplishments: 3x All-Star, 5x Champion
Pettitte was one of the most consistent players of his era. He would be one of the last guys you'd think juiced until his name came up when former relief pitcher Jason Grimsley was being investigated and again when the Mitchell Report came out. Andy confirmed this by admitting to taking HGH to recover from injury during the 2002 season soon after the Mitchell Report was made public. In May 2002, he testified under oath that Roger Clemens told him he used HGH. Clemens has denied this and said, Andy "misremembered" what he originally said. Andy Pettitte has never had a losing season, is the postseason leader in starts and innings pitched, has the most pick-offs all-time and in 2009 postseason he won three series-clinching games, plus the regular season game that clinched the division. He was always known to throw that cutter in a big spot and always seemed to wiggle his way out of trouble. Andy recently went down with a fractured ankle, maybe he should use some HGH to speed up his recovery.