When we lose something, we search for it for about a week, get frustrated, complain that the cops aren't doing enough, and eventually forget about whatever it was that was lost. We've never had a car stolen, though. Bob Russell has, and even after 42 years, he was consistently on the hunt for his long lost beauty. Russell's 1967 Austin Healey 3000 was jacked from his Philly apartment the morning after his second date with now-wife Cyndy. 

For decades, Russell, a 66-year-old retiree, checked random Austin-Healeys on the road as he searched and searched and searched. Once the World Wide Web became available, his methods changed entirely, hunting on online auctions frequently for that particular VIN. On Friday, May 11, Russell's eyes must have looked the size of the car's bugeye headlights, as he found the car at Beverly Hills Car Club on eBay. He had the original police report reactivated, had the car impounded and ended up spending about $1,500 and six days of travel and hotel costs to get the car back in his possession. This has us believing there really is one true love you're supposed to be with. 

[via Dallas News]