Oh Twitter, thou giveth news, and thou taketh away. Earlier today NFL Network's Kim Jones reported via twitter that Penn State will be taking down the Joe Paterno statue. CBS' Bonnie Bernstein also reported on her twitter account that the, "Penn State Board of Trustees voted on a conference call last night to take down Joe Paterno statue. Will happen this wknd." Contrary to these reports, Penn State's decision to take down the Paterno statue has yet to be finalized. The university is debating whether or not to remove the statue after evidence of Paterno not being transparent in his 1998 grand jury testimony about sexual abuse allegations about his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky became public in the Freeh Report.

Many believe that the statue should be taken down because it is a reminder of Sandusky and the perceived blind eye that Paterno took in Sandudky's dealings. Some feel strongly enough about this to fly an airplane over the campus with a banner attached reading, “Take the statue down or we will.” On the other hand, others hold Paterno's accomplishments on the field and involvement in the community higher than this black-eye on his legacy, so much so that students put together a vigil in front of the statue to guard it.

This is definitely a tough decision for Penn State to make, to keep the statue up or take it down. What would you do if you were Penn State? Sound off in the comments.   

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