Video: Kobe Bryant Talks About His Beef With Shaquille O'Neal In a New Interview

Kobe Bryant is really talking a lot of trash these days, eh? Last week, the 1992 Dream Team, Michael Jordan, and Kyrie Irving were all the victims of it. And, even though this week just started, he's already found his latest victim.

That victim? Shaquille O'Neal. Okay, okay, so Shaq isn't exactly a new victim for Kobe. But, this interview between KB24 and Graham Bensinger is still pretty interesting. Kobe talks about his fractured relationship with Shaq, what really drove the two superstars apart, and his early days in the league. A must-watch for any fan of Kobe—or Kobe's trash-talking ways. Enjoy.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]

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