Date: 6/13/2012
While on the Dan Patrick Show promoting the Dream Team documentary, Malone was asked who he would like to play alongside that wasn't John Stockton. His answer? Scottie Pippen. Not Magic, not Bird, not Jordan, but Pippen.

Malone explains, "Do you remember the time that Michael retired? I watched Scottie Pippen when the Chicago Bulls weren't really good and Scottie led that team in every statistical category, and I just remembered that. Plus, he's a guy who could care less about scoring. He wants to stop the best player on the other team. That would have been pretty cool, to see Scottie guarding Michael." Scottie cares so much about not scoring that he refused to come out of a huddle because the last second play Phil Jackson drew up was for Toni Kukoc. Fuck it, we'll take Mike.