Moving back to your life outside of the ring, you have your upcoming show on Broadway, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth. How did that come about?

We were in Las Vegas and my wife saw a billboard for A Bronx Tale showing at the Venetian and that's her favorite movie. We went to see the show and it was just a beautiful show, a great performance. I was explaining to my wife "Baby, I can do that stuff. I could be on stage and stuff, you know? I’ve been doing it all my life." We arranged it and it happened and thank God it was successful. Now we’re on Broadway.


I had a four-year-old daughter that passed away and when that occurred I wanted to make another change in my life. I wanted to stop all the bullshit.


Are you nervous about your Broadway debut?

Of course I’m nervous that’s because I’m not on stage yet. But once I’m on stage, I’m going to be at home.

What are some of the things that fans can expect?

They can expect anything and everything. I’m an open book.

You went from kind of “The Baddest Man on the Planet” to being in trouble with the law and battling drug addiction after retirement. You’ve had a rebirth over these past couple of years though. What led to that transformation?

When my daughter died. I had a four-year-old daughter that passed away and when that occurred I wanted to make another change in my life. I wanted to stop all the bullshit. I didn’t need to get high when I didn’t want to get high. I just have more control over my life and make conscious, responsible decisions.

And I have become courageous enough to make that choice even though I had some past discrepancies. And I’m saying regardless of those [discrepancies] I can be courageous enough to make that stand and I’m going to be a responsible father. I’m going to be a committed father, a committed husband and I’m not going to make a fool out of my wife and my family like I did in my last marriages and stuff. I’m going to just be a stand-up, straight-laced citizen of my society and be accounted for.

Back in your prime, you had a reputation for dealing with women poorly and it seems you've done a 180 now that you’re a family man. What are some of your tips for picking up women?

It’s a tricky situation. I think I just lucked out, but I kissed a lot of toads, you know what I mean? To get my princess. I don’t know. It’s all chemistry, criteria, timing, there’s a lot of exponents involved. It’s so simple to get involved but so complicated to get control of it. Maybe that’s what it’s about: the lack of control. Having no control. Just letting it happen.

Since your role in The Hangover, you've become more associated with comedy than anything else. Are you ever fearful that people don't take you seriously enough nowadays?

They have no choice but to take me seriously because my actions speak for itself. They see that I want to live a human life, a very respectable life and I don’t want to humiliate my family like I used to do. It’s not from a financial perspective, just from a human perspective I want to improve myself as a person. I don’t want to hustle people for money and try to trick them into coming to my show. I want them to come to my show because it’s a real show. It’s the stories about me, who I am and why I was crazy. I don't fear anything now in life because I never thought that I could ever come back from that point in my life.

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