The most interesting man in the world? FOH, if you thought of the Dos Equis character, fam. If anyone’s deserving of such a title it’s Mike Tyson. His journey from the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history to the pop culture icon that he is today is one like no other. Jail stints, roles in blockbuster movies, dirty prostitutes, his own video game, battling and overcoming drug addictionIron Mike has lived the life of 20 badass motherfuckers 10 men.

Tyson’s latest ventures include his Broadway show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth debuting later this month and his apparel line with Roots of Fight. We spoke with the champ about his transformation from the Baddest Man on the Planet to the family man that he is today, boxing vs. MMA, and his dating tips.

Also, be sure to check out a video clip of Iron Mike talking about the importance confidence for the Roots of Fight documentary at the end of the interview.

Interview by Ralph Warner (@SoloWarnerBro)

How did the idea for your apparel line with Roots of Fight come about?

We wanted to do some kind of university style and varsity style of outfits. Basically something to represent the year [1988] I unified the titles. It’s a real cool company and when they presented the idea I just thought it was awesome.

They did shirts for [Muhammad] Ali, Bruce Lee and a number of other fighters. There’s just a conglomerate of connections that they’ve been associated with. I’m just proud to be involved with him.

What are your thoughts on the state of boxing today?

Well, I think the collective state of boxing is pretty whacked-out right now, but it always comes back. They never had competition before like MMA. There are certain individual fighters who are awesome, like Chad Dawson and Andre Ward, fighting [one another] which is just remarkable. The fact that those guys in this day and age would take the risk to fight each other like this—this is just awesome.

Did you watch the Pacquiao-Bradley fight?

Yeah, I was there. I thought [Manny] Pacquiao won the fight, but I thought Timothy Bradley fought tremendously. 


Hey, listen man, a threat to boxing? It’s already defeated boxing. It’s all about MMA right now.


So, you were surprised by the decision just like everyone else?

Oh, I didn’t see the decision because I left after the last round. I already knew Pacquiao got the decision.

Well then, somebody called me. A friend of mine called me and was cursing and screaming and said, "What kind of fight you got me watching? What kind of bull?’"—and this and that. I say "Hey, relax. What happened? Why you talking like that?" He said, "Bradley won." I said "What?!" I couldn’t believe it.

What do you think the sport needs to do to improve the judging and make sure that things like that don’t happen?

I think they should show the scores after the round. They should do that so the fans can give their opinion through what they saw on the score.

Speaking of decisions and refereeing in the sport, were there any instances in your career where you thought that you were robbed? A lot of people say Buster Douglas got a slow count when you knocked him down in the 8th round.

Hey, listen, I don’t cry over spilled milk. That was so long ago. Those things don’t upset me. I don’t even remember. Everything happens for a reason, you know? I don’t question what happened in life no more. I’m just very grateful to be talking on the phone to you and to have my wife sitting next to me with my kids and having a relationship with my kids. I’m just really simple these days.

Do you ever think that we’ll see the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight?

It could still happen. It’ll still be a great fight. But if it doesn’t, one fight doesn’t spoil the whole show and every other fight.

What are your thoughts on MMA?

MMA is awesome. We need to make those guys multi-millionaires now.

Do you see that sport as a threat to boxing? Or do you think they could coexist?

Hey, listen man, a threat to boxing? It’s already defeated boxing. It’s all about MMA right now. These guys need to make money and be millionaires. These guys need to be having their own businesses then they can franchise and become entrepreneurs. I don’t know—there should be more MMA. MMA should be more of a brighter star. Not from just some fighter perspective, but of an entrepreneur perspective, too. The fighters should go and branch out into other fields and be financial juggernauts in our society and not just a performer.

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