When you move to New York, you need to assimilate yourself with the faster pace and busy atmosphere. Similarly, when the Nets moved to Brooklyn, they developed the mentality of nearly every New York sports team: the "win now" philosophy. The idea of overpaying for talent, trading draft picks and giving away promising young talent is a Knicks specialty. Is there "artistry" in that? Nope. There's no artistry in the way the Yankees front office runs. But how can the Nets and more specifically, GM Billy King be put in that same category when his team features only one new starting player from the squad that played in New Jersey? 

Yeah, all of the guys that were retained have shiny, new and very expensive contracts, but Deron, Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries didn’t stay just for the money. Carles says "It wasn't about finding players that believed in the Brooklyn dream," but that's exactly why Williams, Wallace and Humphries are still around.

There's an artistry in making the same crop of players think that after last year's abysmal season, things would be any different now that they are in a new location. There's an artistry in getting a quality player like C.J. Watson to turn down more lucrative offers from other teams to join the Nets. Saying that “it doesn't feel like he ‘saved’ anything” is an even crazier assumption. What he “saved” was the cornerstone(s) of the team when he got Deron to re-sign and extended Brook Lopez’s deal to a max contract. Now, the Nets just need an orthopedic surgeon who can sculpt Lopez's foot with artistry and they'll be just fine.