This past Wednesday, Jason Kidd had his mind already made up. He informed Mavs star player Dirk Nowitzki that he was going back to Dallas. Then, while playing golf, Kidd said that the choice "didn't feel right." After discussing the sudden change of feelings with his wife and agent Jeff Schwartz, they both told him that "if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it.”

After losing out on Deron Williams to the Nets, a veteran guard like J-Kidd would be a huge necessity for the Mavericks. However, after Kidd revealed his newfound mindset to Nowitzki, the German forward didn't put up much of a defense. “I changed my mind and Dirk understood,” Kidd said. “When we talked, he said to go to New York.” Kidd also added that D-Will played a very influential role in his decision. “Deron, I thought he brought up some very valid points on why he didn’t go to Dallas,” Kidd said. “If it’s just him and Dirk and something happens to Dirk, then Deron’s all alone.”

As of right now, the Mavs current roster is in dire straits and Kidd said that "in the long run, it could be good for the Mavericks because now there is no other choice but to expedite their plan to get younger and retool." But at this point, Nowitzki's gotta be asking, "at what cost?"  

[via Mavs Blog]