A new Nissan Leaf can go abotu 100 miles on a charge, which is plenty for normal driving. Why then, is Scott Yarosh of Arizona's Leaf topping out at around 44 miles? Yarosh, and several other Arizonans, claim that the high heat has damaged their batteries.

In response, a Nissan representative has said that this is "normal," and that "Heat is definitely not a friend of batteries, but I'm talking severe 130, 140 degrees." While the temperature doesn't usually get that hot – although it once did get up to 128° F, which is just about medium rare – we wouldn't be even remotely surprised to guess that the battery had. The inside of a car is always significantly hotter than the outside and when the battery is working it will heat up. It wouldn't be hard for a Leaf's battery to get well over 130° F on a day when the temperature outside is already 118° F.

The Leaf's battery also no cooling system.

[via CBS 5 AZ]