The O'Neill Experience took a page from the most interesting man in the world's script when they shot Antoine Truchon's newest trick tip. Truchon intros himself as he sits next to a roasting fire reading what we could only assume is an empty sketchbook.  "I'll be teaching you a new trick," he says in a hilariously monotone voice. "It's called a Switch Nollie Front Tail to Switch Up. Bam, you will love that." The camera then cuts away from the smooth jazz and comfortable setting onto the slopes, where Truchon gives everybody the scoop. He makes the trick look easy, but trust us, you'll need some practice for this one. He then returns to his cozy spot saying of the trick, "You'll be able to do it on any down rail as much as you want and impress all the babes around. Cheers to that." Cheers, indeed, Antoine. 

[via O'Neill Experience]