Over the last year, we've seen NFL players get arrested for a multitude of different reasons. Aggravated DUI? Sure. Pointing a gun at a man's head? Yeah. Trying to buy 10 kilos of cocaine and a thousand pounds of pot? Yeeeeeeep! But, pulling a hotel fire alarm? Er, nah. Can't say we've heard of any NFL players getting busted for doing that.

Philadelphia Eagles backup running back Dion Lewis just changed that, though, by getting arrested over the weekend in Albany, N.Y. and charged with falsely reporting a fire and misdemeanor reckless endangerment. His crime? He pulled a hotel fire alarm when there wasn't actually a fire. He allegedly did it because him and his older brother were locked out of their hotel room and couldn't get back in. And, not surprisingly, he was intoxicated when the cops showed up.

Next time, just try going to the front desk, fellas. We hear that's a much easier way to get back into your room.

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[via Sports Illustrated]