RM Auctions is going to be selling Al Capone's armored 1928 Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan at the St. Johns auction in Michigan on July 28. The car is the earliest surviving bulletproof car and is equipped with inch thick glass and about 3,000 lbs of asbestos-wrapped steel with embedded lead armoring. You won't die from bullet wounds, but if somebody tried to shoot you, you will die 30 years later of mesothelioma

The car isn't just about not getting killed though, occupants have a chance to get even by dropping down the rear window or using the circular machine gun port. That's good, because with only 90 horses under the hood this isn't going anywhere fast. The armor alone weighs more than a Honda Fit, and the engine makes 25 less horsepower. 

This real OG car is expected to pull in $300k-$500k. Not too shabby.

[via RM Auctions]