At this point, there have been dozens, probably even hundreds, of athletes who have tried opening up restaurants. Everyone from Brett Favre and Tony Hawk to Michael Jordan and Mike Ditka have used their household names to break into the restaurant business, to very mixed results. So, it's not really newsworthy that Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun have teamed up to open a restaurant called 8*twelve in Brookfield, W.I. this month. What is newsworthy, though—and, frankly, pretty freakin' awesome—is the quote from Rodgers that the pair's PR team decided to use in the official press release for the new restaurant.

After explaining that "both Rodgers and Braun played a large role in developing the concept and the menu," the press release uses quotes from each athlete to explain their individual tastes.

Braun's preference? "I prefer a nice salmon cooked to perfection," he says, "and a side of rice."

Okay, cool. Sounds like a nice meal. But, that's not what Rodgers likes. And, he wanted to make sure people knew that. So, his quote is much more straightforward, much more matter of fact, much more…well, just check it out.

"Me like steak," he says.

Sports quote of the year? Book it!

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[via Total Packers]