Vincent Tedesco—a 1964 grad of Penn State—couldn't believe that Penn State decided to take down their Joe Paterno statue yesterday. So, shortly after it disappeared, he made the trip down to PSU's Beaver Stadium and put up a Paterno statue of his own—albeit a cardboard one that he had to sit next to and prop up for the entire day.

"We are going to try to make this permanent," he said [Ed. note: Hey, Vince, you might want to start by making it out of something a little more durable than cardboard, no?]. "I'm going to be out here as long as I can be out here. I'm hoping to get enough people interested that we start pulling shifts. Right now, it's just a peaceful protest."

And, after this morning's NCAA sanctions, we're pretty sure it's going to stay that way. Sorry, dude. You've got a right to your opinion. But, we don't think it's going to be a very popular one right now.

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[via Lost Lettermen]