Video: Soccer Goalie Demonstrates a Great Way to Break Both of Your Own Hands Very Quickly

In soccer, the goalie is the one player on the pitch who can use his hands. So it would stand to reason that a goalie would be very protective of his mitts. Geoffrey Lembet is not a fan of reason.

Lembet, the keeper for the Central African Republic, was receiving some care from a trainer during CAF's African Cup of Nations qualifying match with Egypt yesterday. A referee thought he was taking too long, and asked him to finish his rubdown off the pitch. At which point Lembet did his best Drake-Breezy fight impersonation, substituting goal posts for dreamy rapper-singers (or singer-rappers as the case may be) and his fists for bottles. The CAF went on to win the match 3-2.

[via Dirty Tackle]

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