So, you've checked out our list of 10 ways to prevent your bike from being stolen, followed all of our tips, and your bike was still stolen? That sucks but it happens, there is no such thing a totally secure bike. That being said, having your bike stolen doesn't have to mean it's lost to you forever anymore thanks to the fine people who invented the "Spybike" Covert GPS Tracker, which is bascially exactly what it sounds like.

The Spybike GPS kit comes complete with a GPS chipset, GSM SIM card and long life rechargeable battery that all fits right into your bikes steering tube, disguised as regular headset cap. The unit remains inactive until you switch it on and sends a text directly to your phone if it detects movement, also offering the option to locate your bike on a map. If the bike stops moving, the tracker shuts off to conserve power, then turns back on again when it detects motion.

Purchase one now for $135 from Bike Registry.

[via Red Ferret]