Country: Brazil
Drafted: 8th Overall, 2004
Team: Raptors
Stats: 2.8 PPG 2.8 RPG, 0.3 APG 0.1 BPG
Seasons Played: 3
Araujo had a promising college career averaging 19 and 9 in two seasons at BYU, sharing Co-Mountain West Player of the Year honors with Air Force's Nick Welsh. He was huge, standing at 6'11", 295 and looked like he'll be able to do damage on the low block for years to come. The Raptors (duh) took him with the 8th pick in the lottery over Andre Iguodala, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, and a bunch of other guys with successful NBA careers. Hindsight's 20/20 because at the time it seemed like the right move. Rafael only lasted three seasons in the NBA and eventually returned to the international circuit, where he found success on the court in his native Brazil. He has since retired and is planning on writing a book about his journey.